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By Valerie Madarasz

The proposed use of “cap and trade” programs to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions raises important questions – who is qualified to quantify and verify GHG reports? As carbon markets continue to grow, a major concern for businesses will be how to evaluate the credentials of staff and consultants who provide GHG professional services.

Engage Certified Professionals

One of the ways to mitigate this concern is to engage professionals who have earned a personnel certification to a program that has been developed through an impartial, independent and industry-supported process. These professional credentials validate that an individual has the knowledge, skills and competencies to perform a specific job function. Personnel certifications in tandem with associated training programs can be integral components of professional development.

Personnel certification helps employers and clients decrease risk during the hiring process, and offers individuals professional recognition and job mobility. It also drives consistency and standardization by transferring best practices across jurisdictions.

CSA Standards offers the Certified GHG Verifier program

In order to address the challenges of the worldwide shortage of green professionals, CSA Standards offers the Certified GHG Verifier program; the first in a series of international programs for GHG professionals. This certification was developed with input from The Climate Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Chicago Climate Exchange, California Air Resources Board, Ohio EPA, as well as subject-matter experts representing leading environmental, engineering and auditing firms. Designed to complement American National Standards’ (ANSI) accreditation program for firms who provide third-party GHG verification services, CSA’s GHG Verifier certification provides a mechanism for demonstrating evidence of staff and subcontractor competencies. Candidates for this certification are required to provide documented proof of education, GHG and auditing experience, as well as achieving a passing score on the certification exam.

Environmental Services, Inc. Plays a Key Role

Environmental Services, Inc. has played an important role in the development process of CSA’s GHG certification programs. Janice McMahon, Forest Management Division Director, was one of the first Certified GHG Verifiers and has participated as a subject-matter expert for the development of CSA Standard’s new Certified GHG Inventory Quantifier program, which will be launched in January 2010.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier Program

The GHG Inventory Quantifier personnel certification program is for professionals who develop, quantify, and report GHG emissions and removals, and is focused on organizational inventories prepared under international standards such as ISO 14064-1 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).

CSA Standards continues to be a leader in the development of standards and information products in the field of climate change. As International Secretariat for the development of the ISO 14064 GHG standards, CSA Standards plays a key role in providing guidance on how best to implement standards through its portfolio of products including GHG registries, education and training programs, personnel certifications, and advisory services.

For more information, contact Valerie Madarasz, Business Development Manager, Climate Change, CSA Standards, at 216-524-4990 ext 8396 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.