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Carbon & GHG Glossary

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Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT) (PCT)

offers quality carbon offsets, measured as one metric tonne of carbon dioxide or equivalent (CO2e) that is reduced or removed from the atmosphere as a result of emission-reducing (offset) activities.

Pavley Standards

motor vehicle emission standards adopted on a state level that are more stringent than federal requirements. First adopted by California as the result of legislation introduced by Fran Pavley in 2002, these standards are currently adopted or in the process of being adopted by 16 states.


a Greenhouse gas known as perfluorcarbons (PFCs), fluorocarbons, or perfluorochemicals (terms which can be used interchangeably) are formally derived from hydrocarbons by replacing all the hydrogen atoms with fluorine atoms. PFCs are typically released during industrial processes, smelting, and electrical transmission.


See Perfluorocarbons

Project Aggregator

a term for a project developer that actively aggregates smaller projects into a larger carbon project pool.

Project Developer

an individual or entity engaged in planning, obtaining, management, tracking, reporting, and other activities related to specific Greenhouse gas projects (project).

Project Verifier

a third party, independent entity that is (typically) officially certified by a specific registry, exchange, protocol, or standards organization to evaluate and audit the specific details of a project in order to validate the claims made by the project developer.

Proof of Title

document(s) demonstrating ownership or the rights to Greenhouse gas reductions defined within a project.

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