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Carbon & GHG Glossary

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Georgia Carbon Sequestration Registry

is a non-profit program established by Georgia Senate Bill 356 in 2004 and is administered by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Georgia Superior Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) to provide forest landowners, municipalities, and public and private entities with an official mechanism for the development, documentation, and reporting of carbon sequestration projects undertaken in Georgia.


a system or process that emits a Greenhouse gas into the air.

GHG Sink

a project or process that removes and/or sequesters Greenhouse gases from the air.

Global Warming Potential - (GWP) (GWP)

an index that compares the heat trapping ability of various greenhouse gases to CO2 by their varying power to accelerate global warming as well as their duration in the atmosphere and radiative forcing impact.

Green Building Initiative

a not for profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier, and environmentally sustainable buildings by promoting credible and practical green building approaches for residential and commercial construction.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Project (GHG)

a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) project as defined ISO14064-3:2006 Clause 2.14. Projects can include one or more activities.

Greenhouse Gases (GHG) (GHG)

trace gases that influence how energy flows in the Earth’s atmosphere by absorbing infrared radiation. There are six primary Greenhouse gases covered under the Kyoto ProtocolMethane CH4, Carbon Dioxide CO2, PFCs perfluorocarbons, Nitrous Oxide N2O, Hydroflourocarbons HFCs, and Sulphur Hexaflouride SF6. It is important to note that CO2, ozone, methane, and water vapor nitrous oxide all occur naturally.

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