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Carbon & GHG Glossary

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Above Ground Biomass

live biomass above ground level, specifically referring to stem and leaf.


a term defined by the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism to describe the fact that a carbon dioxide reduction project would not have occurred had it not been for concern for the mitigation of climate change. (i.e. above and beyond “business as usual”)


the planting, seeding, and/or promotion of natural seed sources of new forests on lands that have not (or not recently) been forested.


Acronym for - Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use - as defined by Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)


A person with expertise and experience in AFOLU methodologies, tools, modules and/or projects and who is approved by the VCSA for methodology element assessments within a given AFOLU project category.

AFOLU Project Element (AFOLU)

An AFOLU market leakage assessment or non-permanence risk assessment that is subject to the double approval process.

Agricultural Land Management (ALM)

reducing greenhouse gas emissions (including increasing carbon stocks in soils and biomass) through various eligible land use and management practices including; improved cropland management, improved grassland management, and cropland and grassland land use conversions.

Alternative Energy

energy (typically renewable) obtained from nontraditional sources such as wind, solar power, natural gas, or hydrogen.

American Carbon Registry (ACR) (ACR)

is a leading voluntary offset program with strong standards for environmental integrity and over a decade of operational experience in high quality carbon offset issuance, serialization and transparent on-line transaction reporting.

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