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ESI is a progressive leader in the development and provision of services within the emerging national and international greenhouse gas (GHG) ecosystem services, carbon sequestration and GHG validation and verification markets.

From designing educational programs for public awareness, to developing a patent pending environmental attribute tracking system, ESI provides businesses and landowners with the most innovative, science-based solutions to address the most challenging environmental issues.

The Emerging Carbon and GHG Markets

Markets change, laws change, economies change, sentiments change. Opportunities change, as well.

ESI has continuously adapted and often innovated to help our clients address the growing need for ecologically and sustainably conscious services. The recent and ongoing surge of interest in reducing society’s impact on the environment has created a myriad of opportunities for informed organizations.

ESI helps you to clearly understand both the challenges and the opportunities associated with the rapidly changing ecosystems services, carbon sequestration and GHG validation and verification markets.

Broad Experience and Specific Science

From the small, forest service management company to the largest timber growers in the world, and from entrepreneurs forging new technologies in carbon sequestration to City, County, State, and Country governments, ESI provides services to a wide array of commercial, governmental, and social organizations seeking to create creditable projects and products.

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